free vending space at kingman farmers market

Reserve FREE Vendor Space

Thank you for choosing The Kingman Farmers Market at Thunder-Rode. Our vendors enjoy FREE space – NO FEES, Ever! This means more money in your pocket. We believe the financial burdens placed in this uncertain economy are enough.

To Reserve Your FREE Vendor Space, call or email:

  • Jack – 928-542-6059,
  • Tamra – 928-715-4160,

In addition to free vendor space, our Kingman Farmers Market at Thunder-Rode vendors can enjoy:

  • A Wide Open Area
  • Large, Flat, Paved Lot
  • Drive-In to Load and Unload Venue
  • Air Conditioned Facility to Cool Off Inside
  • Spotless, Sanitized Restrooms
  • Refreshing Ice or Ice Water
  • Live or Piped Out Music

Many vendors have expressed interest in donating to The Kingman Farmers Market at Thunder-Rode as a result of successful sales. Any and all donations accepted will be donated to the homeless veterans charity, Veterans United of AZ.